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1.   08/29/15   George Norman is noted in a picture of the band. Was he a member at one time. He was a bass player and he graduated from Central High School in Sioux City, Iowa in 1963.
2.   08/02/15   please post videos
3.   06/10/14   Really enjoy listening to you play!
4.   07/07/13   Do you have a schedule by chance? What are your upcoming dates? thanks
5.   04/14/13   Bob was an AWESOME Guy Love and Miss him
6.   02/09/13   I'm 68 years old and have seen a lot of fine guitarists. Bob was one of the greatest and I was looking forward to seeing him play in April. RIP.
7.   01/27/13   Bob Dawdy was my father. Sadly, we buried him yesterday... Thank you for hosting this site...
8.   01/23/13   Grandpa Bob may you rest in peace! I miss you so much and I love you!! I promise your music will never die.... RIP Bob Dawdy
9.   01/22/13   Re: Bob Dowdy
10.   01/21/13   Bob Dowdy - RIP - 1/21/2013 - with sympathy !
11.   11/04/11   I returned from the service in Korea in 1969, Saw you guys @ the Brewery several times. I thought you guys did Kenny Rogers song Ruby better than he did it. Terry
12.   07/22/11   I had such a crush on the band when I was in Onawa, IA during my senior year at HS
13.   11/13/10   Stormin Norman's tonight! Deb Longwell posted she'd be hearing you perform tonight! I researched & found you. Judy Pangborn This band looks great!
14.   06/23/10   1965..........Had the time of my life.........dancing.....Donna Richards
15.   06/21/10   Thanks for helping to make Awesome Biker Nights in Sioux City Iowa a fantastic time! Dean and I will follow you just about anywhere:)...Your new fans...Dee and Dean from Lincoln, Nebraska!
16.   04/09/10   My name is Dan DeMers, Jerry's cousin. Back in the 60s and 70s Dick was our booking mgr. for the Legendary Knightriders. My biggest thrill was sitting in with the Velaires one night.
17.   03/09/10   hey to bob & bobby from mark & vicki in wichita. if you have a facebook or myspace let me know
18.   02/08/10   loved you guys in the '60's
19.   02/07/10   Don, just thinking of you and listened to a tape of your music. You are a great drummer and were always my favorite paint rep.
20.   01/06/10   Hey guys....and fellow "Little Maroons". Where have the years gone. I loved the Vels. There were many of us musicians at Central. I was with the Teen Beats while at Central,...and then the Morticians duing my college years.
21.   10/05/09   What a great show at Lewis Bowl. The Velaires and The seven sons on the same stage. A very good night.
22.   09/22/09   I was in a band with dave in viet nam,trying to get in touch for 40 plus years,please please get this to dave,the thank you so much...
23.   09/16/09   can you get Dave to get in touch with me.My name is Gary Pomo and I plated drums with him Viet Nam.40 years I have been trying to contact him Thanks...
24.   09/11/09   I listen here often. Thanks, guys....
25.   07/22/09   Was at the Central High School store and hear about you
26.   06/04/09   What a wonderful memory of times past and the future. Thanks much for all of you good Sioux City guys and gals. Jim Schill
27.   05/07/09   Hi Bob, I'm a old rock fan and guitar player. My #1 favorite rock song is I Want to Hold Your. #2 is the Velaires' Roll Over Beethoven. Bob, I love your guitar work on that song! Drums, rhythm & bass are cool, too! Thanks!
28.   04/15/09   Hi Don, I remember you well. I went with the drummer from the Fabulous Flippers for years. We are still in contact and remain very close to this day. That time period is my favorite time for music. Please write back,
29.   03/15/09   Nancy Peterson, class of 1959-love you all
30.   02/23/09   WELCOME BACK, DENNY!
31.   02/17/09   You guyus are great!!!!!
32.   11/20/08   Dick sent me a copy of the recording of the show. It was awesome to see and hear you guys in action! Thanks so much for keeping it all alive!
33.   11/12/08   Nice new picture. Looking forward to the New Years Eve gig. Denny
34.   11/07/08   your are right, the music didn't die. we are still at it. Tom Gilman
35.   11/01/08   Greatest rock and roll group ever!
36.   10/28/08   Hang on to yoru original Screamers 45. I sold mone on ebay for $150 to a buyer in berlin.felwo in of
37.   10/15/08   Bob works part time for me heard you guys play awesome
38.   10/02/08   Thanks for a great night's entertainment. You guys were 20 something again and so were we .......
39.   10/01/08   They are awesome
40.   10/01/08   The band's 50th Reunion concert was terrific -- the best musical party we've been to in a long, long time!
41.   09/09/08   You are the best your group always liked your music
42.   09/02/08   Thanks for the band info e-mail today. Don, my message dated 6/21/08 where I wrote "as a kid" should be "when I was a kid". I think I can remember you having a cool Camaro or Firebird too. Best of luck to you from Jeff Corey in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.
43.   09/02/08   Congrats to Mike on his induction to the Iowa Hall of Fame last weekend. Silver Strings sounded great and to have a couple Velaires on board (Don Bourret and Bob Dawdy) was an additional treat. SUCH great music out of Sioux City Mike Semrad
44.   07/17/08   Don glad to see you are doing ok//Jim Gacke /Gordy ICI paints
45.   06/21/08   Hey Don, Came across you on the net checking out old band stuff! I remember you as a kid. My dad worked with you at PPG - Tom Corey. I'm Jeff. I play bass with DriveLine. My brother TJ plays bass with Midtown Method. Great to read about you.
46.   06/03/08   Just wanted to thank Mike Erskine for giving me the opportunity to play with the greatest rock n roll musicians in the Midwest...your freindship will be greatly missed. Jeff Skeets
47.   05/31/08   As a lifelong fan of the Velaires, and a friend of Bob Dawdy, I'd like to express my heartfelt condolences on Mike's passing. The Velaires aren't one of the best nostalgia bands, they are THE best.
48.   05/27/08   Our sympathy from The SMOKE RING (band) and The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame. I came close to being a Velaire on the 24th. Mike will be missed by all of us. GOD BLESS.
49.   05/26/08   Very sorry to hear of the passing of the passing of Mike Erskine. My condolences to his family and friends.
50.   05/24/08   My sincere sympathy on the loss of Mike. "There'll be one more song is th heavens and one more star in the sky--Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat.
51.   05/24/08   Mike will be missed , I'll always love and respect his memory, Larry Beach(Embers Bass Player)
52.   05/23/08   Mike Erskine rest in peace. We all love you and will miss you dearly. Keep on rock'n.....THE VELAIRES. Mike K. Don. Jeff. Bob. Dave.
53.   04/12/08   Nice Job Boy's .... george
54.   03/06/08   Hi, I am Danny Matousek's cousin and am wanting to put up a fan page for the Velairs and Danny. Can you email me? I have also left a personal message for Jerry on the YouTube channel he used to comment on my video of "Roll Over Beethoven". Thanks!
55.   12/17/07   Have fond memories of Bob and Don along with Danny and Jerry at Ruskin Park in the early sixties. Hope to catch you when I'm in Iowa.
56.   08/18/07   You guys are nothing less than great. I hope I get to introduce my 15 year old grandson to your drummer some time in the near future. He is an awsome left handed drummer.
57.   07/16/07   Hi Mike Wanted to know if you have a committment over labor day weekend. John and I may come up then.
58.   07/11/07   It's too bad none of the nite clubs around town provide your style of entertainment. We remember Bob when he played at the Brewery . We watch your website and plan to attend every chance we get. Roger Preyer.
59.   07/02/07   Look forward to seeing your band at the Rivercade dance. My wife and I were at the wedding dance Saturday nite and thought you did an excellent job. Keep it up!
60.   06/08/07   What happened to the Argosy having another dance party since it was so successful. Looking foreward to doing that again!!
61.   05/24/07   I got a speeding ticket on the drive over to Stormn Normans, but it was worth it to hear you guys again. We'll be back when you play with Pinky and the guys in August. You need to play with them in Norfolk some time. That would be really exciting!
62.   05/18/07   My wife and I saw your band at Stormn Normans. You were absolutely the best band that performed! We're from the Hartington area, and look forward to seeing you again. You guys really looked like you were having a good time. Very professional.
63.   05/11/07   '59 Central graduate (Sandee Smith) - visited S.C. month of April to celebrate birthday and heard about your band. Sorry I didn't get to see/hear you anywhere at the time I was there. Living in Arizona, but hope to return to S.C. some day.
64.   04/30/07   I saw you guys with Carolyn M. last summer. Will she be back with you anywhere again this summer? You guys really capture the essence of old rock n roll!
65.   03/20/07   You guys do a great job. We need more rock & roll!!!
66.   03/01/07   We need more old rock & roll being played around town. You guys are great!
67.   02/11/07   We're all waiting for your CD to come out..... What are your waiting for!!!
68.   01/26/07   The oldies will always be the goodies..... Thanks for the great job on keeping it alive and well!!!!. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!!
69.   01/25/07   i'm Larry Marbach, graduated from witcc in 1988, Hi bob, this is a great web page
70.   01/10/07   Lookin' good, Soundin' better...the Rock we love is alive with a flair!
71.   01/07/07   Living at Okoboji in the summer months will wesee you there anytime soon?

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